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Local Community Hospital
Ministry Update

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Steve Schlissel's teaching hasbeen a blessing in opening up understanding of the covenant to me after many years of following our Lord Jesus.
-- JS, NH

Local Community Hospital
Ministry Update
December 2005

The Hospital ministry has been richly blessed! With one simple time change, one open door, and one 'birthday party'- we have had manifold blessings, in person and kind.

We recently shifted our Lord's day worship schedule from a 10 am slot to a 7:30 pm slot and have not only created an opportunity for MC3 saints to end their Lord's day as we began -TOGETHER- but we have also found ourselves with a time more conducive to the staff members' bi-weekly shift schedules. This enables us to minister to two sets of staff members on alternate weeks; this week one group, next week the other!

Also, Pastor Steve has made inroads as a member of the Palliative Care Committee which recently offered free training for volunteers wishing to work closely with chronically diagnosed patients. Not only did those of us who participated have the opportunity to hear Pastor Steve give a lecture on the 'spirituality' of death and dying (I believe it was something like the GOSPEL!), but roughly half of the Palliative Care Volunteer Program turned out to be MC3 members! An open door the Lord let us walk right through.

Further still, we recently were given the opportunity to have a Holiday Jazzfest celebrating the Birth of our Savior on Saturday December 17th. MC3 was out in full force with a cool quartet, several soloists, and a caroling choir for good measure. It was a true success affording a diverse range of hospital staff members -from nurses to custodians, doctors to food service employees- an opportunity to grab a snack, fellowship with Christians, and hear Christ-centered music from beginning to end. As a matter of fact, one of our faithful weekday staff prayer attendees, Jaqui brought the house down with a worshipful rendition of 'O Come All Ye Faithful'.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty who grants increase according to His own good pleasure! 

Craig Brann
Ass't to Pastors
Messiah's Covenant Community Church