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Urban Nations
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Urban Nations

What people are saying...

Urban Nations represents the best in American Christian heritage. When the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded, its success soon attracted many people who hoped that their fortunes would be made in the new world, and many who hoped
to exploit this new world lawlessly. Neither group cared about the faith.

The response then, and for over 200 years in all America, was to meet the newcomers often at the boat, to teach English to those who were foreign to it, and to provide Christian Schools for the children, job training to the men, home-making classes for the women, to help them find housing, and always to teach them the faith. Christian America has been the result.

Now churches have mainly lost that vision. The Rev. Steve Schlissel and his associates are restoring it. I regard this as one of the magnificent re-statements of the Christian faith in our time. It must be supported by prayers and by money.

Rousas John Rushdoony (1916-2001)
Founder, Chalcedon Foundation (est. 1965)

Jesus gave us the Great Commission. We must obey! And Urban Nations provides an excellent and economical way of doing it. 'There's no place like home', including world missions. Urban Nations is reaching the nations from the platform of New
York City. Thank God for their vision.

Dr. Paul Lindstrom (1939-2002)

Founder, Christian Liberty Academy Satellite Schools (est. 1968)

Would you have supported the Apostle Paul in Rome? Well, that opportunity may be gone, but you can support a similarly strategic mission: Urban Nations. Located in the cosmopolitan center of the world, UN is a ministry to all peoples of the world by a local church. Committed to the Reformed faith and to active evangelism, UN is a New Testament dunamos (power) in action!

Ed Payne, M.D.

Editor, Biblical Ethics in Medicine

If any of you doubt the need, then do what I did: spend a week with Rev. Steve Schlissel and Urban Nations in Brooklyn. Walking through a few neighborhoods there makes it hard to avoid the obvious: massive immigration from the Third
World has created an historic opportunity for the Reformed Church. Rev. Schlissel and Urban Nations are in the right place at the right time. I'm supporting this work.

John Elliot

Washington Correspondent

Dutch Evangelical Television News

Where can you find solid, Reformed preaching and evangelism, zealous compassion for the lost sheep of Christ, and the opportunity to minister to people from every tongue, tribe, and nation under heaven? Only one place: Urban Nations in New York City. It is without question the biggest bang for the missions buck in the country and I count it as a privilege to be part of the support team
for this great work.

Steve Wilkins

Pastor, Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church

Monroe, LA

Urban Nations is among the purest expressions of Christian evangelization and discipleship in existence. Because of its rigorous dedication to the historic Biblical Faith, its long-term impact will exceed that of some highly-visible but spiritually and theologically 'challenged' missions organizations. To those who covet sustained impact of the Christian Faith in modern culture, I urge
enthusiastic support of Urban Nations.

Andrew Sandlin

President, Center for Cultural Leadership

Urban Nations is an old idea in a new setting. It worked in Jerusalem, Antioch, Corinth, and Geneva. The evidence is in. UN is the least expensive, most effective way to approach international missions. I tell every missionary candidate who contacts me about Urban Nations. If your wife doesn't like Albanian food in New York, there's no need to spend two years and $250,000 finding out she doesn't like it in Albania.

Edwin Elliot

Publisher, Christian Observer

Urban Nations is refreshingly, thoroughly, and profoundly Biblical in its philosophy and methods. That's why I support it.

Howard Phillips

President, Conservative Caucus