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Living the Reformed Faith in the Real World WednesdayNov13, 2019

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Quotes We Like!
We took your advice about covenant community and moved next door to a family from church and 8 houses away from another. It truly is the way God intends for us to live! Every day is new and so wonderful.
-- North Dakota

Welcome to Meantime Ministries

Meantime is an outreach of Messiah's Covenant Community Church dedicated exclusively to helping women overcome the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Begun in 1991, Meantime has been used by the Lord to effectively bring the truths of God's Word to bear in the lives of women who struggle with the lingering effects of having been grievously sinned against. Following a model of 'Knowing, Feeling, Doing,' Meantime clients are taught to understand their problems from the Biblical perspective, to incorporate their feelings into an objective context, and to take godly action in their lives today, by the grace of God and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

If you or someone you know needs the kind of help Meantime provides, you may call 718-646-2677. Meantime is supported by concerned Christians who enable us to provide help free to clients. If you'd like to join our family of supporters, please contact Craig Brann, Messiah's Program Administrator: 917-757-9297.


God rescued me through Meantime from the dark path I was heading down as a result of the past. At Meantime, I found a non-judgmental atmosphere and biblically based counseling. I found answers to my questions and a caring Christian woman who had been through what I had been through and not only survived, but found true joy in the Lord. Meantime has truly been a blessing in my life and I thank my Lord continually for helping me deal with the sexual abuse in my past through this ministry. J.L., NYC

I knew I needed help for my problems, maybe some kind of medical help. The ad in the phone book screamed at me. I called, and you were the voice of Christ when I needed it. I was ready to end it all. His timing is always perfect. If you didn't come that time, I would have landed in a therapist's office. Now God is first in my life. I have hope and joy in Him. M.R., NYC

Meantime has helped me realize I'm not alone. Through the biblical teaching I was able to apply godly ways of living to my own life. My faith has been a source of strength daily. Meantime has also helped me to know when I'm being governed by what people think of me. I want to be concerned about what God thinks of me. M.T., NYC