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Living the Reformed Faith in the Real World FridayMar24, 2017
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Steve Schlissel's teaching hasbeen a blessing in opening up understanding of the covenant to me after many years of following our Lord Jesus.
-- JS, NH

Messiah's Congregation

Welcome to Messiah's Covenant Community Church


2365 East 23rd Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235
at Emmanuel Episcopal Church

[See homepage or call 917-757-9297 for EXCEPTIONS during hotter months (July-Sept):
Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn 2085 Coney Island Avenue (between Avenue R and Kings HWY) - Brooklyn, NY]

Rev. Steve Schlissel - Senior Pastor

Worship: Sunday, 1 pm 


Urban Nations: 718-648-4833
Meantime Minitries: 718-646-2677

2662 East 24th Street

Mailing Address
2662 East 24th Steet
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235 (City, State & Zip valid for all above addresses)


Steve M. Schlissel — Pastor —

Nicholas Kozak — Seminarian/Elder —  

Anthony Venetian — Clerk of Consistory/Elder — 

Craig Brann — Deacon —


This Month's Events
March 26 - Sunday
12:15 pm Children's Sunday School - Discipleship Class
3:30 pm The Lord's Supper