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Living the Reformed Faith in the Real World MondayDec9, 2019
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We took your advice about covenant community and moved next door to a family from church and 8 houses away from another. It truly is the way God intends for us to live! Every day is new and so wonderful.
-- North Dakota
Resource Links
Applied Presuppositionalism
Theonomy, Christian reconstruction, Postmillennialism 
Auburn Avenue Presbyterian (PCA)
J. Steven Wilkins, Pastor
Bahnsen Theological Seminary
Bahnsen Seminary's brand new web site!
Ballston Center Associate Reformed Presbyterian Ch
Business Reform Foundation
A bi-monthly magazine focusing on reforming business according to God's Word.
Caledonian Fire
Calvinism, Covenant, and Classical Christianity 
Christ Church - Moscow
Douglas Wilson, Pastor
Christ Church - Spokane
Welcome to the internet home of Christ Church, Spokane.   A Reformed and Evangelical Church meeting on the South Hill.
Contra Mundum
Contra Mundum ("Against the World") is a forum for discussion and exploration of ideas and issues in Reformed thought today. 
Covenant Media Foundation
taped lectures and sermons by Messiah's pastor are available
Covenant URC of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Covenant United Reformed Church is a community of Christian believers in the Dutch Reformed tradition.
We seek to explore all areas of life from a biblical, classical Protestant perspective. 
Creeds of Christendom
A collection of various Christian creeds and documents throughout Church history.
Federation of Reformed Churches
If you're looking for a church that thinks, believes and lives a Reformed worldview then you've found a home in the FORC.
Founding Fathers Forum
Organization dedicated to Constitutional Liberty and Biblical Christianity. 
From Chalcedon Report
The "All I Need to Know Series," and other articles 
God's Law and Society Videotapes
This video features 16 noted Christian leaders and scholars, each an expert in applying the Ten Commandments to American life! 
Inheritance Publications
Inheritance Publications is a small company which was established to provide Biblical Reformed literature. 
New Saint Andrews College
A classical Christian college pursuing Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation. We have no cancerous bureaucracy or ivory towers, just a strong covenant community dedicated to reading fat books and studying hard. Our mission is to equip the next generation in the paideia of the Lord to lead--not follow--in cultural reformation as Christian servants.
Reformation Ink: Classic Articles
This site exists in order to make important and hard to find primary source Reformation documents readily accessible. 
Reformation International College and Seminary
Reformation International College/Christ College (RIC/CC) and Reformation International Theological Seminary (RITS) offer degrees by distance learning. This means you may take courses while staying in the comfort of your own home. Earn credits and obtain various degrees from RIC/CC or RITS without ever having to step into a classroom. These degree programs are designed for overseas students with the use of lectures on audio tape or CD's, reading assignments and series of questions, quizzes and examinations.
Second American Revolution
An interview with Steve Schlissel
Springfield Reformed Church
The dynamic website of a local Christian and Reformed congregation who is knowing Christ and His Kingdom and who wants to share that information through the cyberworld. Christ, Yahweh having come in flesh, reigns over all and is covering the earth with His gracious Law Word. Come hear the Words of Yahweh.
The Apologia Book Shoppe
Great Christian and Confederate history books and tapes, promoting historic Christian doctrines (Reformed Covenantal Theology). 
The Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
CRTA is dedicated to providing biblically sound online resources for the edification of God's people. 
The Center for the Advancement of Paleo-Orthodoxy

 An Innovative, high-tech, Electronic, Analytic, On-line Archive and Publishing Forum With Serious and Distinctively biblical perspectives. 


The Chalcedon Foundation
Christian educational organization devoted to research, publishing, and promoting Christian reconstruction in all areas of life. 
The Chalcedon Report
Faith for All of Life
The Cyber Hymnal
The Foolish Cross
Theology, History, and Studies from the Reformed perspective.
The Historicism Research Foundation
Historical Postmillennialism. Many online articles from the Rev. Professor Dr. Francis Nigel Lee. 
The Reformed Witness
Committed to the Reformation of Church, Family and State 
U-Turn Online
U·TURN is a quarterly non-profit publication which addresses theological, political, economic and social issues from a Biblical perspective. 
Underground Notes
Conservative News, Information and Links.
The links displayed on this page are recommended resources
and are not an endorsement of any particular site.