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Living the Reformed Faith in the Real World WednesdayNov13, 2019
Jazz Underground

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Quotes We Like!
We took your advice about covenant community and moved next door to a family from church and 8 houses away from another. It truly is the way God intends for us to live! Every day is new and so wonderful.
-- North Dakota
Jazz Underground

Welcome to Jazz Underground

A ministry serving artists and churches. Jazz Underground networks NYC Jazz musicians with NYC churches that are eager to host and promote concerts to the glory of Jesus Christ. At Jazz Underground sponsore events, the greatest Jazz musicians in the world are encouraged to share their gifts where they are affirmed as being just that—gifts from God Himself. The same event enables Christians to bring their growing, faithful families to performances which would otherwise be given in venues less conducive to that end. Jazz Underground also presents an opportunity for relatives, friends and acquaintances to participate in a shared interest with the church community, fostering meaningful dialog and relationships which in turn can form the soil of fruitful gospel discourse.