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I am always encouraged by your words, your work, your bountiful generosity-and continually am amazed at the breadth and scope of your ministry. What a blessing you are!
-- North Carolina

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Messiah's Congregation 
Steve M. Schlissel, Minister

The address of the church is (generally) 2635 East 23rd Street, between Avenue Z and Voorhies Avenue. Please consult our homepage or call 917-757-9297 for updates regarding location and times for services.

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2662 East 24th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235


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Messiah's Mandate - Supporters receive the Mandate. For more information, email


We are delighted to announce the revivification of the publication that started it all: Messiah’s Mandate. It was the Mandate that was sent to every Consistory room in the Christian Reformed Church, sounding the alarm concerning the disgraceful antics and conniving of the neo-liberals.

Messiah’s Mandate carried clear notes and warnings, and offered practical, workable solutions that could have prevented the travesty which eventually became the CRC of today. For it takes more than speaking, more than listening—heeding God’s Word, after all, is the goal. Too many in the CRC thought they could turn a lazy or blind eye to the latitudinarian shenanigans around them, the goings-on in Home Missions, Calvin College and so on. A large number of otherwise faithful men thought that simply being informed and aware was enough. These attitudes cost a denomination. The neo-liberals swallowed it whole. They succeeded in swiping from the hands of the faithful fathers and sons who had built it, a legacy they did not care to honor. The conclusion seems inescapable: the marauders won by default. Christ’s soldiers had not the stomach to fight.

Old and new threats, both subtle and gross, now confront the entire faith once for all delivered. The Devil is sticking to his original game plan, hoping to sweep away the truth, along with the faithful who adhere to it. It is hardly a sufficient reply to say “Christ’s Church will always be,” without tending to the means our Lord has chosen to insure that outcome: soldiers willing to fight.

But to fight faithfully one must first be informed. Rev. Schlissel’s writings seem custom made for the task. Messiah’s Mandates have a well-earned reputation for plain speaking, clear identification, and uproarious Schlisselian humor. With all thanks to God alone, I can honestly commend to you each issue as essential reading. For quite a few folks, Messiah’s Mandate was the only regular church-mission-scholarly-based publication they read in its entirety. And now it’s coming back.

Messiah’s Mandate is available in hard-copy, printed form exclusively. And it is mailed only to supporters of the dynamic ministries operating here in New York City (yet reaching around the world). The next edition of the Mandate is about to be mailed. The topic being treated is Paedocommunion. Having seen the arguments made by Rev. Schlissel, one thing I can safely wager on is this: there are several dimensions to the problem you have very likely never considered. Anyone interested in forming a thoughtful opinion about this latest, alleged “improvement” for Reformed (and other) churches, must read this series.

Feel free to offer your support immediately. You can call me at 917-757-9297 with your credit card info and a tax-deductible contribution in the amount you specify will be made today—or on any day you indicate. In fact, many donors ask me to set up regular monthly contributions charged to their credit card on a day they choose. That way you know you’ll be doing your part in helping to reach the world where the world’s within reach. Or, you can ask me (by phone or email: to add you to the list. Then, when your copy of the Mandate arrives, send your support in the return envelope that will be provided (2662 East 24th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235), and I’ll add you to the Mandate list.

Although Paedocommunion is just one of many topics expected to be analyzed in Messiah’s Mandate during the next publishing year, I think you’ll find it to be typical: “I-never-thought-of-that!” insights, accompanied by clear, Biblical and historical examples, as well as explanations which will equip you to think properly on this (and so many other) essential issues. But please remember, it is available only in printed form, only for supporters of Messiah’s Ministries. I hope to hear from you today.

Yours for the sake of His Kingdom,

Craig Brann
Messiah’s Ministries
2662 East 24th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235