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We should all be this bold, in my opinion. I love in-your-face Christianity. Carry on, brother. You're motivating me. Carry on!
-- JW, TX

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Messiah's CityDate #18- Including Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update-Feb. 15, 200  

February 15, 2002

Greetings in our Messiah. We expect by April 15 to post a letter to all who have contributed to Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund. Please look for it in your mailbox. If you have moved since making your contribution, kindly tell our staff (write to Thank you!


Messiah’s CityDate #17- Including Messiah’s 9-11 Relief Fund Update- Jan. 18, 20  

January 18, 2002

1. We trust your holidays were celebrated with joy in the Holy Spirit, and that you were able to be with those dearest to you. Most of you know that our #1 and #3 daughters are engaged. It's been quite the preoccupation planning for their double wedding! We were able to travel together one last time as a geographically-united brood. The whole family accompanied me earlier this month when I went to Monroe, Louisiana, to speak at a pastors' conference on The Covenant, sponsored by Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church. They are one of the best-singing churches in the country; add a few hundred enthusiastic visiting ministers, beautiful Psalm-arrangements, and rich faith, and you get a foretaste of heaven. It was a pure delight to listen to the preaching of Pastor Doug Wilson (Nancy was there, too-- HooRAY!) of Christ Church in Moscow, ID; Rev. John Barach of Trinity United Reformed Church in Lethbridge, Alberta (he is a remarkably insightful young man; keep your eye on Mr. Barach-- he is a gift to the church of our day); and Pastor Steve Wilkins from the sponsoring church (PCA). Steve is winner of the Most Winsome Minister Award three years running (I won't say which three years). Pastor Wilkins will be officiating at our daughters' weddings.


Messiah's CityDate #16-Including Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update-Dec. 28, 2001  

December 28, 2001

As a nation we don't seem quite able to grasp that there is a difference between Christianity and Islam. But there is.


Messiah's CityDate #15- Including Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update- Dec. 7, 200  

December 7, 2001

Have you read about that recent survey by Le Moyne College of Syracuse, N.Y., and Zogby International of Utica, N.Y.? It concluded that American Catholics look more favorably on Muslims and Mormons than they do on fundamentalist Christians. Oy vey.


Messiah's CityDate #14- Including Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update- Nov. 30, 20  

November 30, 2001



Messiah's CityDate #13- Including Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update- Nov. 23, 20  

November 23, 2001

Our freedoms are evaporating in full view. Who could have anticipated that a single day of terrorism would have provided the necessary fuel to get Americans not merely willing to give up their freedoms, but clamoring, demanding to have them taken away?


Messiah's CityDate #12- Including Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update- Nov. 16, 20  

November 16, 2001

A friend from Mississippi, Dr. McEachin, sent along a page from a book by Adrian Rogers (Top Ten Secrets for a Successful Family), thinking I'd be interested in a section in which Dr. Rogers quotes from Nicholas Van Hoffman's The Mush God. Dr. McEachin was sure right, as Mississippians usually are. I was most interested in Van Hoffman's quote, and I knew you would be, too.


Messiah's CityDate #11- Including Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update- Nov. 9,  

November 9, 2001

Have you ever considered how concrete our Christian faith is? The Bible is no friend of abstractions or abstractionists. In the marvelous providence of God, even the Apostles' Creed-- which our Heidelberg Catechism calls a creed beyond doubt, and confessed throughout the world--is given to us not as a series of naked propositions or even doctrinal statements, but as a history, a story. Careful now! I am not suggesting that we are not confessing necessary doctrine in our creed; I'm only pointing out that the universal Christian creed has come down to us in the form of a story, the story.


CityDate#10 - Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update: November 2, 2001  

November 2, 2001

Tidbit, just to give you an idea of NYC proportions: The Empire State Building occupies half the long block from 5th to 6th Avenue and the whole short block from 34th to 33rd Street in Manhattan, rising 102 stories to dominate the midtown landscape. The 70 feet deep, 16 acre basement area of the World Trade Center, enclosed twice as much space as the entire Empire State Building


CityDate#9 - Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update: October 26, 2001  

October 26, 2001

All of us have found it difficult to absorb the enormity of the tragedy which occurred September 11. I find it nearly as difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that Islam is making gains, both in PR and in numbers, despite the display of its true colors before a jaw-dropped world.


CityDate#8 - Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update: October 19, 2001  

October 19, 2001

1. The idea of bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ is but the Christian application of a universal truth: man will organize every aspect of his life under and unto his deity. All transcendent religious claims are totalitarian and exhaustive.


CityDate #7 - Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update - October 12, 2001  

October 12, 2001

Greetings in our Savior, into whose hands all authority in heaven and on earth have been committed.

1. There has been no shortage of items over which we could easily become discouraged since the attacks of September 11. Near the top of my list was the swirl surrounding the Prime Minister of Italy from September 26 to October 2.


CityDate#6 - Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update - October 5, 2001  

October 5, 2001

Since our first written response to the World Trade Center disaster we have been urging Christians not to think that the problems we are facing can easily be solved by throwing money at New York. Trying to avoid cynicism, we still cautioned that the church is in no position to compete with the Federal government or corporate America when it comes to dollars, and we shouldn't try. We should patiently look for niche opportunities to faithfully minister in love and truth.


CityDate#5 - Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund Update: September 28, 2001  

September 28, 2001

We are grateful for the outpouring of encouragement and support for this service to our Savior and His chosen ones. I want to bring you up to date on where we are.


CityDate #4 - From a Heavy Heart  

September 28, 2001

I found your Messiah's WebDate #25 (and the follow-up note from September 18) to be very moving. I want to thank you for writing it. My emotions and spirit have swayed back and forth between righteous anger and extreme sadness over these last few days.


CityDate#3 - Nation Under God or God Under Nation?  

September 24, 2001

Beloved people of the Living God, it looks like we are being prepared for more than war. We are being prepared for the further concentration of power in the hands of government, and we are being prepared for the eradication of the voice of God from the Public Square.


CityDate#2 - The Beginning of Sorrows?  

September 21, 2001

The destruction of the Twin Towers, with all its attendant misery, may well come to be seen as the beginning of sorrows for New York and the nation.


CityDate#1 - Which God to Bless America?  

September 21, 2001

It has been one week since the attack against Washington and New York. Early signs of spiritual life in our nation's response have not been overly encouraging. There has not yet appeared any reason to believe that any fundamental change in the heart of America has begun to take place, nor has such a change been encouraged by our leaders.



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