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Topic: Christian Reformed Church    
The Cat's Out of the Bag  

November 1, 1990
by Steve Schlissel

Members of the Christian Reformed Church who remain optimistic about its future will quickly revise that opinion if they would only subscribe to Kerux, the student organ of Calvin Theologi­cal Seminary. On its pages one is exposed to the “thinking” of the future crop of ministers that will be leading the church.


Like Scattered Sheep, Concern for Concerned Members  

October 15, 1989
by Rev. Steve Schlissel

Turn with me to Mat 9.

It’s good to speak to a friendly crowd for once. It was an interesting experience for me this morning. Actually we face more hostile people on the subway than there is mustered up at Calvin Seminary. But there was some concern expressed.

I’ll be reading from verse 35 through chapter 10.



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